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Turkey stuffed with fruit

Turkey stuffed with fruit

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We clean and wash the turkey, grease it with oil and season it, then fill it with the prepared fruits, in this case we have: apricots, apples, oranges, kiwis, plums and nectarines.

I also put coniferous fruits: raisins and apricots.

After filling the turkey well, I caught the edges with skewers.

I greased the tray well with oil and I put the rest of the fruits in the tray, I put the turkey over the fruit bed, I covered it with aluminum foil and I put it in the oven for about 2 hours, after which I took out the foil and left it until when it browned nicely.

It is delicious, with so many flavors and aromas of fruit!

1. Thaw the turkey: in the refrigerator it takes 2-3 days, at room temperature it takes about 1 day, in cold water 10-12 hours. Remove the entrails and rinse the turkey.

2. Then make the filling: Mix the bread with the warm milk. Chop the liver and bacon. Fry the bacon and onion, add the liver and fry everything quickly. Mix everything with the bread, spices and finally the egg.

3. Grease the turkey inside and out with salt and pepper. Fill the turkey and sew with cotton cord at the bottom and neck. Tie in such a way that the buds are next to the body.

4. Grease the turkey with melted fat. Place the turkey on one side in a tray (maybe it should be supported with aluminum foil made of cocoon). Place in the oven at 175 degrees at the bottom of the oven. Fry for about 30 minutes, turn on the other side and fry for about 30 minutes. Then turn your chest up and fry again. Calculate about 45 minutes per kg. (Total 2 - 2.5 times.)

Cover the chest with aluminum foil if it browns too much. Try with an andrea in the thigh muscle. When the juice is colorless the meat is ready. Let the turkey rest under aluminum foil while making the sauce. 5. Thin the sauce in the pan with water. Strain the sauce and thin with water or water with Vegeta to become about 6 dl. Boil the sauce and mix and 4 tablespoons of flour mixed in a little cold water. Boil the sauce for a few minutes. Put about 1 d. Sour cream and soy (salt) or sherry.

The turkey stuffed for Christmas is served hot, with your favorite garnish.
Recipe proposed by Elena.

Turkey Stuffed with Chestnuts and Dried Fruits

Recipe of stuffed turkey with chestnuts and dried fruit is a recipe as impressive and tasty as it is laborious! We need some time to prepare the turkey but the result is extraordinarily tasty and our efforts will be rewarded!

Christmas is marked by a rich meal that includes pork steak, sarmales, cozonac, sweets, fruits and drinks. For those who are not fans of pork, stuffed turkey it is an ideal solution. Turkey meat is one of the healthiest and tastiest types of meat.

To succeed stuffed turkey recipe we need to know some secrets:

  • The turkey must be kept marinated for 12 hours in a mixture of 2 l of water + ¼ cup of salt + ½ cup of sugar for each kilogram of meat.
  • Make a mixture of 2 tablespoons of soft butter (at room temperature), a tablespoon of mustard, 2 cloves of crushed garlic, grated lemon and orange peel and thyme and grease the turkey breast, carefully lifting the skin so that it does not break. With this mixture we grease the turkey on the outside as well.
  • For the first half hour, keep this stuffed turkey in the oven at 200 degrees uncovered, then cover it with baking paper and aluminum foil and reduce the heat to 160 degrees.
  • Half an hour before it is ready, grease the turkey with a mixture of butter, honey, mustard and orange juice and bake it uncovered to brown nicely.

How to make dried fruit filling with walnuts for turkey steak?

I prepared the dried fruit. In addition to those in the Selgros bag (apricots, plums, apples, pears) I also put some dates and raisins.

In the picture above you can also see the candied orange peel (recipe here) as well as hot pepper jam (recipe here). These two give a fresh & amp spicy note to this filling.

In a small pan, lightly fry the walnuts and hazelnuts.

I chopped all these dried fruits from the knife and placed them in a bowl (except for the nuts and hazelnuts that are added later).

I poured 100 ml of sweet liqueur wine (Marsala) over them and mixed them well. I let them soak for 30 minutes with the fragrant liqueur.

I also prepared a small onion and the fallen pieces from the meat shaping.

I chopped onion and meat finely with a knife. Then I melted a piece of butter in a pan and hardened the onion and minced meat in it. I seasoned with salt and pepper. The meat should only be blanched, not fried.

Over the meat I put the fruits kept in Marsala and I increased the flame under the pan. It only takes 1 minute if they are all cooked. I tasted and settled like the world with salt and freshly ground black pepper.

I put out the fire and moved the filling to a bowl to cool faster. Next to it you see fried walnuts and hazelnuts. I put them on at the last minute so that they do not soften from the juices of the filling.

Method of preparation

Turkey stuffed with baked oranges

make garlic pepper salt and white wine a sauce and grease the turkey inside and out.

Stuffed turkey in the wood oven

Preparation: In a large bowl (to hold the turkey) I prepared the marinade from all the ingredients