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What Bond Drinks: Bollinger 002 for 007

What Bond Drinks: Bollinger 002 for 007

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Introducing a super spy-like champagne holder for the 2002 Bollinger vintage

The Bollinger 002 for 007.

By now you know all about James Bond's food and drinks of choice, but Bond loves champagne above them all. The prized champagne Bond drinks most often? Bollinger champagne has been featured in 13 of the Bond films, including the latest in the franchise, Skyfall. (Surely you remember the scene in A View to a Kill when Bond orders the Bollinger' 75 at Jules Verne restaurant in Paris: "I see you’re a connoisseur Mr Bond!”) Now, you can drink Bollinger like 007 in a super coded champagne box.

The limited-edition Bollinger 002 for 007 comes in a box shaped like the Walther PPK silencer, complete with a coded lock (that spells 007) and gun logo button. Inside is the Bollinger La Grande Année 2002, which in a release Mathieu Kauffmann, the cellar master at Bollinger, called the most exceptional vintage in the last decade. (And yes, it's got the classic 007 gun logo on the bottle.)

The Bollinger 002 for 007 is on sale at specialist wine shops and merchants — better pick one up to toast the yummy Daniel Craig as Bond.

Eat and Drink Like James Bond

While he's busy chasing villains and saving the world, James Bond is a thoroughly British chap. He loves his food and drink. Food of any description doesn't figure very highly in the Bond movies, there is quite a bit more detail about dining in Ian Fleming's 007 book series. In fact, entire paragraphs are devoted to describing Bond's meals. He has eclectic tastes and is often eating in far-flung places but closer to home, he savors his favorite foods.

If you want to eat like James Bond than look at these British foods, from breakfast to dinner to cocktails.


Bond declared Taittinger Blanc de Blancs Brut 1943 as &lsquoprobably the finest Champagne in the world&rsquo in Casino Royale, the original James Bond novel first published in 1953. But, his taste proved somewhat fickle. In Moonraker, published only two years later, Bond says that Taittinger was &lsquoonly a fad of mine&rsquo. He drank Dom Pérignon instead.

Bollinger, certainly a firm favourite in the films, did not feature quite so prominently in the books, but did appear in Diamonds are Forever and On Her Majesty&rsquos Secret Service. Veuve Clicquot, Krug and Pommery also make appearances in the novels.


On many occasions throughout the books James Bond does enjoy a glass – or more likely bottle – of champagne. In Casino Royale he tells Vesper that Taittinger is “probably the finest Champagne in the world”.

Oddly, although perhaps because of what happens afterwards, he rarely orders Taittinger afterwards in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service when he revisits Royale-les-Eaux and 007 In New York pink Taittinger is mentioned as an accompaniment to scrambled eggs. And when M tells him that Blades doesn’t stock Taittinger, Bond replies that it was just a fad anyway.

Whatever happened to Taittinger being the finest Champagne in the world? Bollinger is mentioned in a couple of books too, as are Dom Pérignon, Veuve Clicquot, Krug and Pommery.

Bollinger raises the bar with the James Bond SPECTRE Crystal set

To celebrate the on-screen release of the new James Bond film, SPECTRE, the House of Bollinger – which has been allied with the world’s most famous spy since 1979 – has created a unique object expressing the ultimate degree of refinement and excellence so beloved of 007.
The Bollinger Crystal Set was created and designed by designer Eric Berthès, who wanted to showcase the nectar that is Bollinger R.D. 1988. A rare, unequalled champagne, Bollinger R.D. is matured for an exceptionally long time on its lees to give an incredibly aromatic complexity and long finish.

The magnum of Bollinger R.D. 1988 is beautifully enhanced and encased in its Saint-Louis crystal case: its base echos 007’s iconic gun barrel, like a fingerprint, while the neck label is made of metal and features the BOLLINGER 007 signature, while a cabochon engraved with the octopus motif of the Spectre logo finishes off this exemplary piece.

A collector’s object, this fabulous Bollinger SPECTRE Crystal Set has only been produced in 307 numbered pieces.

There will be only one unit allocated to Ireland, which will be available exclusively in Brown Thomas Dublin for €5,007.

Bollinger R.D.

R.D. – meaning Récemment Dégorgé or “Recently Disgorged” – is unique, with no equivalent amongst other champagne Houses. A rare cuvée straight from Madame Bollinger’s bold imagination, Bollinger R.D. heralded a small revolution in the world of champagne when the 1952 audience was revealed to a global audience in 1961.

Spending at least 8 years on the lees, and many years in bottle after that, R.D. offers an unparalleled insight into the complexity of Champagne. Vintages are rare and are produced in limited amounts, emphasizing their importance: entirely crafted by hand, using traditional skills, this champagne offers the ultimate luxury of unparalleled enjoyment.

The 1988 Vintage of Bollinger R.D.
“Clearly a really excellent wine … Very dense and intriguing on the nose…. Quite rich on the palate. Round. Vibrant. Long and toasty. A real throat warmer. Much richer than many 1988s. Lovely stuff”

– Jancis Robinson
󈬸% Pinot Noir, 28% Chardonnay. Taut, toasty nose showing some nice evolution. The palate is precise, complex and mineral with precision, subtlety and intensity. Lovely complexity here: an elegant, balanced wine with real finesse. 96/100”

The Crystal

“For this exceptional creation, Champagne Bollinger has chosen a partner that shares the same values of French excellence and exacting standards of quality, the Saint-Louis Crystalworks.”

Jérôme Philipon, President of Champagne Bollinger
Founded in Lorraine in 1586 and becoming the leading crystalworks in Continental Europe in 1781, Saint-Louis – which now belongs to the Hermès group – has successfully preserved its unique know-how. In their workshops, its master glassblowers keep alive the art of hand-blown crystal, continuing to excel above all in the art of cutting, which is a true hallmark of this great Lorraine crystalworks.

The New Champagnes Every Bond Fan Will Want Ahead of ‘No Time to Die’

Longtime 007 partner Champagne Bollinger is rolling out two rare, limited edition Champagnes to mark the upcoming 25th Bond film, No Time to Die, next year, as well as decades of partnership between the two iconic brands.

Bond’s love affair with this particular Champagne has an interesting story: According to Bollinger, a “handshake agreement” between the Bollinger and Broccoli (producers of Bond) families, “Bollinger has remained the international man of mystery’s preferred Champagne of choice since 1979’s Moonraker without any money ever exchanging hands.”

Here Are the 4 Aston Martin Cars Featured in the Next James Bond Film ‘No Time t.

That’s why Bollinger decided to create a stunningly packaged Moonraker magnum: the 40th anniversary of Moonraker. According to a release, Bollinger “enlisted designer Eric Berthes to re-imagine the Moonraker space shuttle.” It’s crafted from pewter and wood veneer, and the case hides a Saint Louis crystal ice bucket and a magnum of Bollinger 2007. There’s no U.S. price yet set for this limited edition (only 407 numbered Moonraker shuttles are being produced), but it’s been set at £4,500 for the U.K. market. Courtesy image

But if that’s a bit above your budget, there’s the Bollinger 007 Limited Edition, Vintage 2011. This is a blanc de noirs: a white sparkling wine created from pinot noir grapes from the 2011 crop. Bollinger has never released a 2011 vintage wine before, and this particular vintage has also spent most of the last decade aging in oak, adding to its uniqueness among the portfolio.

Who Will Be the Next James Bond After Daniel Craig?

“The fruit for the 2011 Vintage is sourced from a single grand cru vineyard in Aÿ, Champagne,” Bollinger explained in a press release, “and marks the first time Bollinger has created a cuvée solely from this historic cru.”

Here are Bollinger’s tasting notes:

“Golden in color with glints of copper, it boasts aromas of honey, hard candy and yellow-fleshed fruits such as the Mirabelle plum. On the palate, rich notes of stewed fruits are expressed with a beautiful round texture, elevated by a finish of mineral notes evocative of flint.”

Bollinger has been featured in the Bond films an incredible 14 times since its first appearance in Live and Let Die starring Roger Moore. Other than his iconic martini, it’s the drink most associated with Bond.

The packaging is stylish and subtle, like something out of Q’s laboratory meant to both protect a bottle—and probably hide a tranquilizing dart, or something that explodes sharks.

Bollinger 007 Limited Edition is suggested to price around $230, and will be available for the holidays.

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Bonzer Exploring The Cocktails Of James Bond 007

It’s hard to think of certain types of cocktail without fictional secret service agent James Bond being brought to mind. This is particularly the case with Martinis , or any cocktail which is ‘shaken and not stirred’. Throughout the many novels and film adaptations, the suave MI6 operative has enjoyed numerous classic cocktails, sometimes even with an original twist of his own creation. With the latest film in the series, Spectre being recently released, we thought it would be the perfect time to run through some of the finest cocktails that Bond has enjoyed over the years, and often popularised in the process. So, let’s take a look at the favourite cocktails of James Bond 007, starting with the first book he appeared in Casino Royale in 1953, all the way through to 2015’s Spectre movie.

Casino Royale Americano and Vesper Martini
In this original entry of the James Bond series, he orders his first cocktail the Americano.An Americano is often enjoyed before a meal and has a long history dating back to the 1860s. It was originally called the Milano Torino due the origin of its primary ingredients, but was later renamed as it proved to be highly popular with American tourists during prohibition. The drink is also enjoyed in the subsequent books From Russia With Love and For Your Eyes Only . Later on in the story, Bond orders a Vesper Martini a drink of his own invention, but one which is still enjoyed today.

Americano ingredients and recipe:
● 1 ounce of Campari
● 1 ounce of sweet vermouth
● Club soda
● Lemon twist or a slice of orange
● Ice cubes
❖ Pour the Campari and sweet vermouth into an ice cube filled Old Fashioned glass
❖ Add the club soda to taste
❖ Garnish with the lemon twist or slice of orange

Vesper Martini ingredients and recipe:
● 3 measures of Gordon’s Gin
● 1 measure of vodka
● ½ a measure of Kina Lillet (now Lillet Blanc) or otherwise Cocchi Americano
● Lemon peel
❖ Pour the gin, vodka, and Lillet Blanc into a cocktail shaker and shake
❖ Pour the mixture into a champagne glass
❖ Garnish with the lemon peel

Diamonds Are Forever Old Fashioned, Black Velvet, and Stinger
In Diamonds Are Forever , bond makes his way through a fair share of cocktails. The Old Fashioned makes an appearance as it also does in Live and Let Die and Thunderball . So too do the lesser known Black Velvet and Stinger cocktails which we also take a look at how to create below.

Old Fashioned ingredients and recipe:
● 3 ounces of bourbon whiskey
● A couple of dashes of Angostura bitters
● 1 sugar cube
● 2 slices of orange
● 1 Maraschino cherry
● Ice cubes
❖ Place the sugar cube into an Old Fashioned glass and pour the bitters onto it
❖ Add one of the slices of orange
❖ Use a cocktail muddler to muddle these ingredients together
❖ Fill up the glass with ice cubes
❖ Add the bourbon whiskey
❖ Stir the ingredients together
❖ Garnish with the second slice of orange and the Maraschino cherry

Black Velvet ingredients and recipe:
● 4 ounces of Champagne (Bond is very partial to Bollinger , amongst others)
● 4 ounces of stout
❖ Pour in the Champagne
❖ Slowly pour the stout into the Champagne

Stinger ingredients and recipe:
● 1 ¾ ounces of Brandy
● ¾ of an ounce of white crème de menthe
● Crushed ice
❖ Add the crushed ice into an Old Fashioned glass
❖ Pour the brandy and white crème de menthe in and stir together

Thunderball Rum Collins
The Rum Collins is a variation on the classic Tom Collins cocktail which dates back to 1876. It is the Caribbean version of the drink and is sometimes known as the Ron Collins, due to the word Ron meaning rum in Spanish. It’s the ideal drink for Bond to enjoy while in Palmyra, Bahamas home to his nemesis in the movie, Emilio Largo.

Rum Collins ingredients and recipe:
● 2 ounces of light rum
● The juice of 1 lime
● Club soda
● 1 teaspoon of powdered sugar
● A slice of lemon
● A Maraschino cherry
● Ice cubes
❖ Shake the rum, lime juice, and powdered sugar in a Boston shaker
❖ Pour the mixture into an ice cube filled Collins glass
❖ Add the club soda to taste and garnish with the lemon and Maraschino cherry

Dr. No Dry
Vodka Martini
The Dry Vodka Martini is surely James Bond’s most famous cocktail of choice and is the drink which brought the phrase ‘shaken and not stirred’ to public notoriety. In the movie, the phrase is spoken by the film’s namesake villain Dr. Julius No, and Bond (played by Sean Connery) doesn’t actually utter it himself until the Goldfinger film of 1964. Whatever its origins, it’s remained a classic cocktail to this day and is now as popular as the Gin Martini that it originally evolved from.

Dry Vodka Martini ingredients and recipe
● 1 ½ ounces of premium vodka (do not use a cheap substitute in this cocktail)
● ¾ of an ounce of dry vermouth (the less vermouth used, the drier the Martini will be)
● A lemon twist or 3 olives
● Ice cubes
❖ Pour the vodka and vermouth into a mixing tin filled with the ice cubes
❖ Shake the mixture don’t stir it!
❖ Strain off the liquid into a chilled Martini glass or else a cocktail glass
❖ Garnish with the lemon twist or olives

Goldfinger Mint Julep
The film and novel Goldfinger is named after its antagonist, Auric Goldfinger. He and Bond meet at his horse ranch in Kentucky, so aptly enjoy a cocktail that is still consumed to this day in very large numbers at the annual Kentucky Derby a mint julep.

Mint julep ingredients and recipe:
● A handful of mint leaves
● 2 sugar cubes
● 2 ½ ounces of bourbon whiskey
● A sprig of mint
● Crushed ice
❖ Place the mint leaves and sugar cubes into a pewter julep cup, Collins, or double Old Fashioned glass
❖ Use a muddler to muddle the mixture until the sugar has broken down
❖ Add the bourbon whiskey
❖ Add the crushed ice and stir
❖ Garnish with the spring of mint
Risico may be an unfamiliar title to all but the most dedicated Bond fans. It is actually part of the short story collection For Your Eyes Only. In the book, the Negroni in question is enjoyed with a generous splash of Gordon’s Gin.

Negroni ingredients and recipe:
● 1 ½ ounces of Campari
● 1 ½ ounces of sweet vermouth
● 1 ½ ounces of Gordon’s Gin
● An orange twist or slice of orange
● Ice cubes
❖ Add the ice cubes to an Old Fashioned glass
❖ Pour in the liquids
❖ Garnish with the orange twist or slice of orange

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service Vodka Tonic with Angostura Bitters
If you’re busy fighting the world’s most devious criminals, you don’t always have too much time to create complicated cocktails, so most of James Bond’s drinks of choice are usually very quick to prepare. None more so than the Vodka Tonic he enjoys in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service , which is accentuated with a little Angostura bitters.

Vodka Tonic with Angostura bitters ingredients and recipe
● 2 ounces of premium vodka (do not use a cheap substitute in this cocktail)
● Tonic water
● A couple of dashes of Angostura bitters
● A wedge of lime
● Ice cubes
❖ Pour the vodka into an ice cube filled highball glass
❖ Add tonic water to taste
❖ Add the Angostura bitters
❖ Garnish with the wedge of lime
Die Another Day Mojito Die Another Day is a film that is not based on an original novel by James Bond creator and author Ian Fleming , but the filmmakers made sure there are plenty of Bond trademarks in it, including a classic cocktail. As much of the film is set in Cuba, this time it’s appropriately enough a Mojito.

Mojito ingredients and recipe:
● 2 ounces of light rum (do not use a cheap substitute in this cocktail)
● Club soda
● 2 teaspoons of sugar
● A handful of mint leaves
● 1 lime cut into two halves
● A sprig of mint
● Ice cubes
❖ Add the mint leaves, sugar, and a splash of club soda into a highball glass and muddle with a
cocktail muddler until the sugar has dissolved
❖ Squeeze both halves of the lime into the glass, then leave one half in the glass
❖ Pour in the rum, stir the mixture, then add the ice cubes
❖ Top up with the remaining club soda and garnish with the sprig of mint

Skyfall and Spectre
In the previously released Bond film, Skyfall , there was a little bit of a public outcry as Bond’s official drink of choice in the film was… Heineken. Yes, that’s right, a bottle of lager! This was obviously a classic example of sponsored product placement, but many viewers just didn’t seem to think it fit with Bond’s image even though in the novels he was occasionally partial to Löwenbräu, Red Stripe, and Miller High Life, so perhaps this is not so out of place after all. In the most recent film Spectre, Bond thankfully returns to form, indulging in the iconic vodka Martini as well as numerous other Champagne and whiskey drinks. This time the vodka in question is the premium brand Belvedere , so we imagine product placement was again in full swing. At least it was a bit more in line with his traditional image on this occasion!

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Shaken and Stirred, James Bond Loves His Booze

Sean Connery stars as James Bond in Dr. No .


In a scene in the new James Bond movie Quantum of Solace (out in Europe, and premiering in the U.S. this Friday), 007 sits alone in the first class compartment of an international flight, slamming martinis to forget his worries. When asked by a colleague what he's drinking, a foggy Bond can't respond the bartender answers for him. (Read Richard Corliss' review of the film)

Visibly drunk is a rare look for a character who, over 46 years on the big screen (and 22 official Bond titles), has demonstrated a refined taste for alcohol, ordering libations from Dom Pérignon to mint juleps and influencing a whole generation of fans on what's hip to sip. "Instead of an action hero chugging a beer or pounding down a shot, it's clear that Ian Fleming started this franchise with a real sense of taste — if you'll pardon the pun — for fine living and nice drinks," says Tom Sisson, director of the New York Bartending School. "People notice what Bond orders." (TIME travels to London to learn how to make the perfect Vesper Martini)

Audiences noticed when, in 2002's Die Another Day, Pierce Brosnan saddled up to the bar and placed an order for a mojito. Sisson says the drink was already becoming popular in Miami, where he was working at the time, but that Bond's affinity for muddled mint launched the mojito to national stardom. In earlier films, Bond's choice of drinks varied widely. He ordered a rum Collins in Thunderball, the liquorice-flavored Middle Eastern drink Raki in From Russia With Love, and even a bottle of Budweiser in License to Kill.

Of course, the definitive Bond bar scene was the first one, in 1962's Dr. No, when Sean Connery ordered a shaken vodka martini that not only bucked the cocktail conventions of the time but rewrote the liquor guidelines in Fleming's books. "Up until that time in the 1960s, when you said martini, you meant a gin martini . and gin martinis you don't want to shake because there's a theory that it will bruise the gin as air gets in there and the ice dilutes the drink," Sisson says. "Then Bond ordered a vodka martini, and with vodka, it doesn't really matter if you shake it. So it didn't take that long for sales of vodka martinis, shaken and not stirred, to go through the roof."

The shaken vodka martini era in Bond films lasted almost 25 years, until Daniel Craig took the role of Bond in 2006's Casino Royale. Reverting to the original recipe from Fleming's first Bond book, Craig's 007 ordered a drink he dubbed the Vesper — a hybrid martini that is three parts gin and one part vodka, mixed with a half-ounce of Kina Lillet. Ordering the drink, Bond's words in the film were an exact echo of the dialogue in Fleming's 1953 Casino Royale story.

To be sure, Bond's tastes have not always caught on. Sisson says the Vesper struggled to become a fad because Lillet wine is hardly ubiquitous, available only in select bars and lounges. He also says that Bond's affinity for Bollinger champagne has not quite caught on with typical American drinkers.

But average drinkers might benefit from one of Bond's lesser known inventions: a hangover cure. "Brandy with club soda and a couple of phensic tablets," Sisson says. "You don't imagine Bond having a hangover, so this shows a very different side of him." (See TIME's complete "Bond Week" coverage)

Here are seven recipes — a sampling of 007's favorite cocktails:

Vesper Martini (Casino Royale): Three ounces of Gordon's gin, one ounce of vodka , half-ounce of Lillet Blanc, shake over ice and add a slim slice of lemon peel.

Mojito (Die Another Day): Three sprigs of fresh mint, two tablespoons of sugar, three tablespoons of fresh lime guice, 1.5-ounces of light rum and club soda.

Rum Collins (Thunderball): Two ounces light rum, a juiced lime, a tablespoon of powdered sugar, carbonated water, a sliced lemon and a cherry.

Mint Julep (Goldfinger): Four fresh sprigs of mint, 2.5-ounces of bourbon whiskey, one tablespoon of powdered sugar and two tablespoons of water. As Bond says in the film: Sour mash, but not too sweet, please.

Gluhwein (For Your Eyes Only): The Swedish form of mulled wine, made with a mixture of spices and served warm.

Spicy Bloody Mary (Never Say Never Again): As ordered by Bond's romantic interest: Double Bloody Mary with plenty of Worcestershire sauce. 1.5-ounces of vodka, three ounces of tomato juice, one dash of lemon juice, a half teaspoon of Worcestershire sauce, two to three drops of Tabasco sauce, and one lime wedge.

Bond Does Beer (License to Kill): Bond rendezvous with Pam in Bimini and both order a Bud with Lime. But before 007 can take a swig, he must fight off a henchman with a gun, knocking over the beers in the brawl. Bond's cheapest bar tab ever: $3.50.

Taittinger Rosé

When does Bond first drink it? In the little-known short story 007 in New York. The champagne appears in a footnoted recipe, for ‘Scrambled Eggs James Bond’ said to have been provided by the housekeeper to Fleming’s friend, Ivar Bryce.

“Serve on hot buttered toast in individual copper dishes (for appearance only) with pink champagne (Taittinger) and low music.”

What’s it like? If the 1960s Taittinger Rosé was anything like the brand’s vibrant pink fizz of today, Bond’s eggs would have been washed down with notes of red summer fruits, hints of peach and zingy lemon.

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